Wealden Line Campaign

As a First Time Visitor to this website, you may be a little confused as to what the website is all about. Let us briefly explain:-

The website is about a Campaign Group supported by private subscription, whose aim is to get Government to seriously consider a new alternative railway line directly between Brighton and also Lewes to London Victoria/London Bridge and other more northern destinations via Uckfield by introducing a new East Croydon avoiding line heading towards Canary Wharf and Stratford. This project has now developed into the BML2 PROJECT which has its own dedicated website at www.bml2.co.uk

 BML2 2017 Route Map

Click for larger BML2 Route Map

Part of the proposed route involves upgrading existing railway infrastructure between Hurst Green and Uckfield and details of that are under the Main Menu on the left.

Between Uckfield and the South Coast, the old railway formation will need rebuilding with a split near Hamsey ~ one line heading direct to Brighton via Ashcombe tunnel, whilst the other spur would head direct to Lewes in a direction towards Seaford and Eastbourne. See Rebuilding Uckfield to Brighton/Lewes under the Main Menu.

At the London End, our original proposal has been completely revised. For the latest detail available please visit the BML2 Project website

In addition, we also propose reopening "Tunbridge Wells West Station" to provide relief to the Tonbridge Main Line and provide a route via BML2 to East Croydon and Canary Wharf ~ see BML2 Kent Phase FAQ.

On the right hand side, we have a History Menu which gives a lot of historical information of the Wealden Line as well as the reasons why the fight to reopen the railway resulted in the formation of the Wealden Line Campaign. It is well worth having a look.